In 2008, most innovations will be driven by person
IN A world of too much information, it’s no longer access to information that determines winners or losers, but rather the application of information to business problems and goals. The new ‘attention economy’ requires harvesting information for creating profit — using information to work effectively across the globe, continuously improving efficiency and proactively identifying new revenue opportunities (pricing, new markets, cross selling/up-selling). Global organizations are looking at adopting innovative business models and practices to remain profitable, leverage new markets and attract and retain customers. They are also looking at ways to provide information in various form factors ranging from a small mobile device to a large touch screen, to enable a unique user experience. The coming year is all about creating next-generation technology services, enhancing collaboration and unified communications that will enable differentiated experiences. At the same time, there is a strong focus on preserving the environment with our actions, as we are all operating on an ecological credit.
Kris Gopalakrishnan BANGALORE – CEO Infosys
31st December 2008 – Economic Times