About Us
First Opinions is India’s first next level solution provider focused on meeting the needs of organizations, large and small. The company was formed in 2005 to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to different verticals like Shopping Malls, Retail outlets, Aviation, Hospitality, Banking, Automobile, Trade Shows and others. First Opinions is helping its clients achieve sustained advantage through superior business results. It also, endeavors to enhance the capabilities of their business towards cost reduction, increase in productivity and revenue growth.
First Opinions is a pioneer in developing a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) model to enable businesses and organizations   interact and engage with their customers towards delighting, managing and retaining them. Customer interaction management (CIM) is a business strategy that spans the entire organization from front-office to back-office. It is a commitment to put customers first. CIM model is constructed on the fundamentals of ‘increase productivity’, ‘develop capabilities’ and ‘enhance customer experience’.
First Opinions, with its innovative approach in creating high-speed bi-directional information flow, helps clients in managing their customers with ease. We also focus on developing customized solutions that offer instant insights to draw strategies to suit different customer needs & are also responsible for implementation, analysis, recommendations, & execution.
First Opinions is redefining the existing methodologies in relation to customer connect by linking technologies with innovations at different consumer touch points with a view to generating higher ROI on budgets. With a strong focus on Customer Responsiveness, First Opinions works towards anticipating customer requirements and providing them end-to-end solutions. 

First Opinions solutions establish a 2-way communication process at various touch points that leads to customer acquisition & retention. Our solutions engage the customers by its visually pleasing multimedia enhanced look and feel, but also run on many simultaneous available languages. Currently, First Opinions’ clients across verticals like Shopping Malls, Retail, Aviation, Healthcare, Automobile, Banking, Tradeshows, Hospitality, Education have benefitted by establishing them ahead of their competition.


Providing innovative, ‘new-age’ solution to help clients interface & engage with their customers, aimed at customer acquisition & retention, for long-term business growth.
We aim to continually learn, innovate, upgrade & develop distinctive, cost-effective customer interface centric solution for clients.