First Opinions solutions aim at comprehensively addressing various pain-points for a company in relation to their customers by establishing a 2-way communication process at various touch points that in-turn leads to customer acquisition & retention. Not only do our solutions engage the customers by its visually pleasing multimedia enhanced look and feel, they also run on many simultaneous available languages. Currently, First Opinions’ clients across verticals like Malls, Retail, Aviation, Healthcare, Automobile, Banking, Tradeshows, Hospitality, Education, etc. have benefitted by establishing them ahead of their competition.
CIM Model (Customer Interaction Management)
Customer interaction management (CIM) is a business strategy that spans an entire organization from front-office to back-office. CIM is a Direct Two-way Communication process designed to establish strong connect between various engagement points such as Product – Customer; Company – Customer; Employer – Employee; Government – Common Man; Funding Agency – Beneficiary, etc. It is a commitment to put forth customers first with an attitude of “we are here to listen to you”. CIM model along with other solutions helps you securely, reliably and consistently delight your customers as well as reach-out to more customers effectively at various touch-points, viz. Point of Sales, Point of Service/Care, Point of Interaction, and Point of Experience.
CIM Verticals
Shopping Malls
Retail outlets
Trade Shows
Evidently, each of these verticals will have distinct needs of their own in terms of their desire to interface with their engagement points, chiefly, their customers. The CIM solution will therefore have specific applications across these verticals. The entire gamut of possible customized solutions and specific applications can range across the following:
Customer Loyalty Program
How does one stop customers from leaving? Customer retention subsumes, among other things, building of customer loyalty. An effective customer loyalty program can dramatically increase profitability of a business through:
·         Increased customer visits and use
·         Growth in existing customer value across customer segments
·         Decreased customer churn / attrition
·         Reduced marketing costs through launch of highly targeted marketing initiatives and measuring what works with which consumer

Global organizations are looking at adopting innovative business models and practices to remain profitable, leverage new markets and attract and retain customers. They are also looking at ways to provide information in various form, factors ranging from a small mobile device to a large touch screen, to enable a unique user experience.
(Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Infosys)