Grievance Management
In today’s extremely competitive environment, customer retention is as much a core goal as adding fresh ones, perhaps more.
Very often, especially given their demanding nature, people are left exhausted by their experience when they should feel energized, and consequently get tuned-off. Worse, it doesn’t end there. They freely talk of their experiences outside. Empirical research indicates that every dissatisfied customer mentions his/her experience to another 9 near and dear ones, thereby resulting in the spiraling effect of dissatisfaction.
For such spiraling dissatisfaction to have an immediate or foreseeable impact on the business is not hard to imagine. It is therefore particularly vital for an organization to be fully aware of negative feedback and, crucially, on an immediate basis, so as to resolve any conflict situation before it spirals out of control.
The Grievance module focuses on registering whatever grievances/complaints customers may have encountered during the course of their experience with the place they are visiting. 

The high-point of this solution is an automatic instant feedback system that ensures an immediate alert to the management system with a view to an immediate resolution of the conflict/problem.