Customer Engagement
Recent times have witnessed a vast proliferation of products and services leading to intense competition and the resultant and inevitable raising of the standards of delivery. It has therefore become increasingly vital for businesses to go well beyond merely making products and services available, and into the realms of creating engaging experiences for their customers, thereby endeavoring to establish a bond with them.
The CIM solution aims at enabling businesses to create value among customers through interactivity in the following possible ways:
Digital Directory
This facility is designed to provide customers with easy-to-find information about the place they are visiting, with a view to helping them navigate through to their desired location within.
The Digital Directory comprises an effective Search engine to enable search for products and any services available and where these can be accessed at that location.
Quiz & Games
This solution gives businesses the opportunity to delight their customers through quizzes, games, etc. The easy-to-use self-operating format of the system allows customers to interact with it through in-built games / quizzes, etc. 

Other than the above, the customer engagement solution can also tailor solutions basis any interesting ideas from the client.