Feedback Management
It is clear that consumers are becoming increasingly demanding today. Often, a bridge exists between what consumers want and what they get in return on various aspects of their engagement: product, price, service, access and overall experience.
The Feedback Management program provides businesses with an opportunity to seek regular and ultra-quick feedback from their customers on their products / services towards helping them better understand customer needs thereby enabling them to remain ‘tuned’ to them all the time.
Here’s a typical client need: “I have 10 questions that I need answers to from my customers. Can I see the report by the evening?”
The aim is to seek feedback on some key aspects of a customer’s experience and most critically, to be able assess overall response patterns at lightening speed. The process eliminates the conventional paper-pencil technique and the consequent manual data tabulation approach, thereby easing and quickening the analytical process considerably towards almost instant reporting of results. 

The eventual purpose for the business is to be able to deliver high performance marketing techniques that surprise and delight the consumer.